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My name is Travis, and I’m an IT Professional in Edmonton, Alberta, specializing in Microsoft server and cloud technologies. I have over six years of corporate IT experience, as well as two decades of casual “IT hobbiest” and “the computer guy” experience.

I fell in love with computers at young age, first re-installing Windows 95 on my dad’s computer when I was 6 (leaving it in a running state – to my dad’s surprise), and building my first computer before I was 10. I built my first website when I was around 9 or 10, and got my first experience with database and DNS management, when I set up my first WordPress blog when I was 14.

Currently, I work for a Managed Services Provider, performing infrastructure upgrades and migrations for clients ranging from 20 users to 700 users. I also develop processes around new technology deployments and processes, and act as an escalation point for the project department.

When I’m not working on computers, I like to watch TV with my fiancee, play video games, try and resurrect my garden, and fall down the rabbit hole that is my home automation obsession. I also occasionally dabble in writing, and have published two articles on the comedy website Cracked.com.


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